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Transistor Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) PDF Download

The Transistor Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) with Answers PDF (Transistor MCQ PDF e-Book) download to practice Applied Physics Tests. Learn Electronics in Physics Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Transistor quiz answers PDF to study online certification courses. The Transistor MCQ App: Download free learning app for transistor, pn junction, logic gates, electronics test prep for online associates degree.

The MCQ: Base of transistor has a thickness of; "Transistor" App Download (Free) with answers: 10-6 m; 10-3 m; 10-6µm; 10-4 m; to study online certification courses. Practice Transistor Quiz Questions, download Google eBook (Free Sample) for free online college courses.

Transistor MCQs: Questions and Answers PDF Download

MCQ 1:

A transistor can be used as a switch ON if Vce is nearly

  1. 1 V
  2. 5 V
  3. 0.1 V
  4. 9 V
MCQ 2:

Base of the transistor has a thickness of

  1. 10-6 m
  2. 10-3 m
  3. 10-6µm
  4. 10-4 m
MCQ 3:

Photo diodes' applications include the

  1. logic circuits
  2. automatic switching
  3. networking
  4. both a and b

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The App: Transistor MCQs App to learn Transistor Multiple Choice Questions, College Physics MCQ App, and 10th Grade Physics MCQ App. The "Transistor MCQs" App to free download Android & iOS Apps includes complete analytics with interactive assessments. Free download App Store & Play Store learning Applications & enjoy 100% functionality with subscriptions!

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Transistor App (Android & iOS)

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