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Special Theory of Relativity MCQ with Answers PDF

Special Theory of Relativity Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Special Theory of Relativity quiz answers PDF with applied physics career tests for online courses. Practice modern physics Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Special Theory of Relativity quiz questions for colleges that offer online courses. Special Theory of Relativity MCQ PDF: special theory of relativity, modern physics test prep for online colleges for science.

"The mass of 700 N man moving in car at 66 km h-1 is" MCQ PDF on special theory of relativity with choices 70 kg, 100 kg, infinite, and zero for colleges that offer online courses. Practice special theory of relativity quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for accredited online college courses.

MCQs on Special Theory of Relativity Quiz

MCQ: The mass of 700 N man moving in car at 66 km h-1 is

70 kg
100 kg

MCQ: Special theory of relativity treats problems involving

inertial frame of reference
non-inertial frame of reference
non-accelerated frame of reference
accelerated frame of reference

MCQ: According to special theory of relativity which one is not an absolute quantity?

both a and b

MCQ: Length contraction happens only

perpendicular to direction of motion
along the direction of motion
parallel to direction of motion
both a and b

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