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Special Theory of Relativity Quiz Questions Online p. 49

Learn Special Theory of Relativity quiz questions and answers, special theory of relativity MCQ with answers PDF 49 to study Applied Physics course online. Modern Physics trivia questions, special theory of relativity Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. "Special Theory of Relativity Quiz" PDF Book: electromagnetism, current electricity, transformers, applied physics: energy, special theory of relativity test prep for schools that offer certificate programs.

"Special theory of relativity treats problems involving" MCQ PDF: non-inertial frame of reference, inertial frame of reference, non-accelerated frame of reference, and accelerated frame of reference to learn free online courses. Study modern physics questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for GRE test.

Quiz on Special Theory of Relativity MCQs

MCQ: Special theory of relativity treats problems involving

inertial frame of reference
non-inertial frame of reference
non-accelerated frame of reference
accelerated frame of reference

MCQ: Colored TV has approximate power of


MCQ: The turn ratio (r) for a step-up transformer is

r = 0
r > 1
r < 1
r = 1

MCQ: When current passing is 300 mA, electrons passing through the bulb in 1 minute are

1.2 × 1020
2.12 × 1020
1 × 1020
1.12 × 1020

MCQ: Value of magnetic field that will cause a max force of 7 × 10-3N on a 20 cm wire carrying current of 10 A will be

3.5 × 10-3 T
1.5 × 10-3 T
4.5 × 10-3 T
2.5 × 10-3 T