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Work Done by A Constant Force Trivia Questions and Answers PDF p. 42

Work Done by A Constant Force trivia questions and answers, work done by a constant force worksheets with answers PDF 42 to practice Applied Physics exam questions for online classes. Practice Applied Physics Work and Energy MCQ questions, work done by a constant force Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Work Done by A Constant Force Quizzes PDF: velocity formula, logic gates, significant figures calculations, equilibrium of torque, work done by a constant force test prep for online colleges that offer financial aid.

"When an object is moved in the gravitational field, it is" MCQ PDF with choices work done by a variable force, work done by a constant force, work done by a gravitational field, and both a and b for schools that offer online bachelor degrees. Learn applied physics work and energy questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for SAT subject tests.

Trivia Quiz on Work Done by A Constant Force MCQs

MCQ: When an object is moved in the gravitational field, it is

work done by a constant force
work done by a variable force
work done by a gravitational field
both a and b

MCQ: If counter clockwise is taken as positive, then anti-clockwise will be taken as


MCQ: Number of digits that are reasonably sure are called

limitation of instruments
systematic error
frequent error
significant figures

MCQ: Gate that is also known as inverter is called


MCQ: If 'd' is the displacement of body in time 't', then the average velocity will be represented as

Vavg = (d/t)
Vavg = (t/d)
Vavg = (d + t)
Vavg = (d-t)

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