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Ohms Law Multiple Choice Questions PDF p. 38

Solve Ohms Law multiple choice questions and answers, ohms law quiz answers PDF 38 to learn Applied Physics course for college certification. Learn Current Electricity MCQ trivia questions, ohms law Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Ohms Law MCQ PDF: wheatstone bridge, solving physics problem, kirchoffs law, current electricity, ohms law test prep for free online college courses.

"Ohmic devices are the devices that consequently", ohms law Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices doesn't obey ohm's law, obey ohm's law, violate ohm's law, and satisfy ohm's law for ACT subject test tutoring. Solve current electricity questions and answers to improve problem solving skills to learn free online courses.

Ohms Law Questions and Answers MCQs


Ohmic devices are the devices that consequently

obey Ohm's law
doesn't obey Ohm's law
violate Ohm's law
satisfy Ohm's law


Potential difference of any device can be measured with the instrument known as



"Sum of all the currents meeting at a point is zero", stated law is

Kirchhoff's first rule
Kirchhoff's third rule
Kirchhoff's fourth rule
Kirchhoff's second rule


Mean of the six readings 1.2, 2.3, 4.35, 5.46, 7.6, 8.5 of micrometer in precise measurement is



When the condition R1/R2 = R3/R4 is satisfied, the current in the galvanometer of Wheatstone bridge is


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