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Force on Moving Charge MCQ with Answers PDF

Force on Moving Charge Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Force on Moving Charge quiz answers PDF with applied physics live worksheets for online degrees. Solve electromagnetism Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Force on Moving Charge quiz questions for SAT test prep classes. Force on Moving Charge Interview Questions: magnetic field, e/m experiment, electromagnetism, cathode ray oscilloscope test prep for completely online college.

"When charged particle is projected opposite to the direction of magnetic field, it experiences force equal to" MCQ PDF on force on moving charge with choices qvb × cosθ, qvb × sinθ, qvb, and zero for SAT test prep classes. Solve force on moving charge quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for completely online college.

MCQs on Force on Moving Charge Quiz

MCQ: When charged particle is projected opposite to the direction of magnetic field, it experiences force equal to

qvB × cosθ
qvB × sinθ

MCQ: When an electron is projected at right angle to uniform magnetic field then it will move along

helical path
straight line

MCQ: The moving charge experiences magnetic force because of

magnetic flux
magnetic field
magnetic current
both a and b

MCQ: Magnetic force acting on a charge is given by the formula

q(V - B)
q(V + B)
q(V × B)

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