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Linear Programming Models MCQ with Answers PDF

Linear Programming Models Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Linear Programming Models quiz answers PDF with business mathematics career tests for online courses. Practice linear programming: an introduction Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Linear Programming Models quiz questions for best online colleges for business administration. Linear Programming Models MCQ PDF: linear objective function, introduction to linear programming, mathematical programming test prep for online school of business administration.

"The model which involves the determining of items included in a person meal planning is classified as" MCQ PDF on linear programming models with choices diet mix model, drink mix model, cost model, and profit model for best online colleges for business administration. Practice linear programming models quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for online business administration and management degree.

MCQs on Linear Programming Models Quiz

MCQ: The model which involves the determining of items included in a person meal planning is classified as

diet mix model
drink mix model
cost model
profit model

MCQ: In transportation models designed in linear programming, the sources of supply of homogenous commodity is classified as


MCQ: The linear programming models which is used in petroleum product mixture, fertilizers and grass seeds mix is classified as

ingredient models
component models
blending models
mixing models

MCQ: In linear programming, the diet mix models main objective is

minimizing cost of meal
satisfying nutritional requirement
minimizing profit on meals
both a and b

MCQ: The more generalized techniques for modeling the frameworks is classified as

linear programming
mathematical programming
framework modeling
rows and column modeling

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