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Caste Quiz Questions and Answers PDF p. 211

Caste quiz questions and answers, caste MCQs with answers PDF 211 to learn Human Diversity online course. Marriage trivia questions, caste Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. "Caste" Book PDF: postcolonial studies, art, society and culture, urban versus rural, urban anthropology, caste test prep for accelerated online degrees.

"Which one of the following is not an unfavorable factor for caste system in India?" MCQ PDF: spread of industrialization, abolition of jagirdari system, influence of the west, and none of the above for online colleges. Practice marriage questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for online undergraduate degree.

Quiz on Caste MCQs

MCQ: Which one of the following is not an unfavorable factor for caste system in India?

Abolition of Jagirdari system
Spread of industrialization
Influence of the west
None of the above

MCQ: The earliest known European example of Homo sapiens was discovered in 1868 and was given what name?

Neanderthal Man
Peking Man
Cro Magnon Man

MCQ: Cognitive dissonance theory posits that whenever there is a discrepancy between two thoughts

People are likely to give up, and learned helplessness is the possible outcome
It creates a state in which attitudes, values, and beliefs are being challenged
A state of extreme confusion may arise and eventually lead to psychosis
It produces an uncomfortable state of tension that motivates people to take steps to reduce it

MCQ: According to anthropologists art goes back at least


MCQ: Which of the following statements is true within the postcolonial approach?

The international system is shaped through colonised discourse that establishes notions of certain
European practices of free trade and democracy are best suited to creating a peaceful and stable in
With the end of the Second World War and gradual dissolution of the British Empire, much of postcolo
Colonial power exists only through the military actions of occupying states