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Cultural Anthropology Multiple Choice Questions PDF p. 83


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Cultural Anthropology multiple choice questions and answers, cultural anthropology quiz answers PDF 83 to learn Anthropology Basics course for college certification. Learn Cultural MCQ trivia questions, cultural anthropology Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Cultural Anthropology Interview Questions PDF: kinship of anthropology, feminist anthropology, cultural anthropology test prep for colleges and universities exams.

"The children of an individual (Ego) parents and siblings are called" MCQ PDF with choices cousins, relatives, friends, and all of the above for online undergraduate degree. Solve cultural questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for accredited distance learning universities.

Cultural Anthropology Questions and Answers MCQs

MCQ: The children of an individual (Ego) parents and siblings are called

All of the above

MCQ: Western and European women started petition about their rights in

1940 to 1950
1960 to 1970
1980 to 1990
1945 to 1965

MCQ: A society dominated by the old men

By gerontocracy
Young people?s society
A mixed society of aged
None of these

MCQ: The attainment of maturity for anthropological purpose as social maturity is


MCQ: A close connection between religion and economic forces was presented by

Max Weber
Karl Max
Emile Durkheim
C. Wright Mill