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Wave Energy Trivia Questions PDF p. 3

Solve Wave Energy trivia questions and answers, wave energy quiz answers PDF 3 to practice A Level Physics exam questions for online classes. Practice Physics Waves trivia questions and answers, wave energy Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. "Wave energy Trivia" PDF book: electron waves, orbiting charges, electrical current, attraction and repulsion, wave energy test prep for college entrance exams.

"Intensity of sun's radiation is about", wave energy Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices 20 kw m-2, 1.0 kw m-2, 5 kw m-2, and 8 kw m-2 for completely online college. Solve physics waves questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for best online colleges for teaching degree.

Trivia Quiz on Wave Energy


Intensity of sun's radiation is about

1.0 kW m-2
20 kW m-2
5 kW m-2
8 kW m-2


Phenomena in which a charged body attract uncharged body is called

electrostatic induction
electric current
charge movement
magnetic induction


Semiconductors have electron number density of order

1024 m-3
1020 m-3
1012 m-3
1023 m-3


An electron is travelling at right angles to a uniform magnetic field of flux density 1.2 mT with a speed of 8 × 106 ms-1, the radius of circular path followed by electron is

3.8 cm
3.7 cm
3.6 cm
3.5 cm


High speed electrons have wavelength of order

10-15 m
10-14 m
10-16 m
10-17 m
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