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Gravitational Potential Energy Quiz Answers PDF - 123

The Book Gravitational Potential Energy Quiz Questions and Answers, gravitational potential energy Quiz MCQs PDF, chapter 32-123 to download online physics degree courses. Study Work, Energy and Power MCQ Questions PDF, gravitational potential energy Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The e-Book Gravitational Potential Energy Quiz App Download: gravitational potential energy, gravitational force, newtons third law of motion, modelling collisions, potential dividers test prep for SAT subject tests.

The Quiz: A weight-lifter raises weights with a mass of 200 kg from the ground to a height of 1.5 m, the increase in their G.P.E is PDF, "Gravitational Potential Energy" App (Android & iOS) Free with 2940 j, 1962 j, 800 j, and 1000 j choices for online college courses. Practice work, energy and power questions and answers, Google eBook to download free sample for GRE practice test.

Physics Quiz Online: Gravitational Potential Energy MCQs PDF Download - 123

MCQ: A weight-lifter raises weights with a mass of 200 kg from the ground to a height of 1.5 m, the increase in their G.P.E is

A) 1962 J
B) 2940 J
C) 800 J
D) 1000 J

MCQ: Another name for force of gravity acting on an object is

A) friction
B) air resistance
C) weight
D) mass

MCQ: When two objects are in contact, they exert forces in

A) opposite direction
B) same directions
C) can be both A and B
D) perpendicular direction

MCQ: Momentum possessed by spinning objects is called

A) linear momentum
B) angular momentum
C) normal momentum
D) degrees' momentum

MCQ: In potential dividers, the output voltage depends upon the

A) single resistor
B) relative values of all resistors
C) current
D) temperature

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