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Dynamics Quiz Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook

Dynamics quiz questions and answers, dynamics MCQs with answers PDF 103 to practice A level physics mock tests for online college programs. Practice "Mechanics and Properties of Matter" quiz questions with answers, dynamics Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Free dynamics MCQs, resistivity, electrical current, diffraction grating, electric field strength, dynamics test prep for best SAT prep courses online.

"Dimensions of relative density are", dynamics Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices mass × length³, mass × length-3, it has no dimensions, since it's a ratio of two densities, and length³ × mass-1 for online college bachelor degree. Learn mechanics and properties of matter questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for two year degree programs.

Quiz on Dynamics PDF Download eBook

Dynamics Quiz

MCQ: Dimensions of relative density are

  1. mass × length-3
  2. mass × length³
  3. It has no dimensions, since it's a ratio of two densities
  4. length³ × mass-1


Electric Field Strength Quiz

MCQ: Electric field strength can be defined as

  1. E = Q⁄F
  2. E = W⁄F
  3. E = F⁄Q
  4. E = P⁄Q


Diffraction Grating Quiz

MCQ: Fringes are referred to as

  1. minima
  2. maxima
  3. nodes
  4. normal points


Electrical Current Quiz

MCQ: When current is parallel to magnetic fields, force on conductor is

  1. zero
  2. infinite
  3. 2 times
  4. same


Resistivity Quiz

MCQ: At constant temperature, resistance and cross-sectional area are

  1. directly related
  2. not related
  3. remains constant
  4. inversely related