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The e-Book Buffer Solutions Quiz Questions, buffer solutions quiz answers PDF download chapter 17-13 to study online igcse chemistry degree courses. Practice Ionic Equilibria MCQ with answers PDF, buffer solutions Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The Buffer Solutions Quiz App Download: Free learning app for buffer solutions, catalysis, number of nucleons, electronegativity of period 3 oxides, electron pair repulsion and bond angles test prep for ACT test prep classes.

The Quiz Buffers present in the blood contain: hemoglobin, hco3-, h2po4- with "Buffer Solutions" App Download (Free) for online associates degree. Solve ionic equilibria questions and answers, Amazon eBook to download free sample for schools that offer certificate programs.

Buffer Solutions Quiz Answers PDF Download: Test 13

MCQ 61: The buffers present in the blood contain

A) HCO3-
B) hemoglobin
C) H2PO4-
D) all of above

MCQ 62: Enzymes are large molecules, generally made up of

A) carbohydrates (CxH2nOn)
B) proteins
C) vitamins
D) lipids

MCQ 63: The atomic number is the number of

A) protons (p+)
B) electrons (e-)
C) neutrons (n0)
D) nucleons (p+ and n0)

MCQ 64: The electronegativity of Oxygen is

A) 2.55
B) 2.2
C) 3.44
D) 3.04

MCQ 65: The number of bonding pairs of electrons in water H2O is

A) 1
B) 2
C) 3
D) 4

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