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Infectious and non-infectious Diseases MCQ with Answers PDF

Infectious and non-infectious Diseases Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Infectious and non-infectious Diseases quiz answers PDF with a level biology career tests for online courses. Practice infectious diseases Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Infectious and non-infectious Diseases quiz questions for 2 year online degrees. Infectious and non-infectious Diseases Interview Questions: antibiotics and antimicrobial, infectious and non-infectious diseases test prep for online schools that offer certificate programs.

"Which strain is more virulent?" MCQ PDF on infectious and non-infectious diseases with choices classical strain, el tor, v cholera 0139, and all of others for 2 year online degrees. Practice infectious and non-infectious diseases quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for best two year degrees.

MCQs on Infectious and non-infectious Diseases Quiz

MCQ: Which strain is more virulent?

classical strain
el tor
V Cholera 0139
all of others

MCQ: Variola virus has been known to cause


MCQ: Pathogen for Measles is known as

variola virus
vibrio cholera

MCQ: In India, El Tor strain of cholera replaced the classical strain in a period of

2 to 14 days
6 months
12 months
24 months

MCQ: Oral rehydration therapy largely consists of water and

sodium ions
potassium magnate solution

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