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Practice Phylum Nemertea Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Phylum Nemertea quiz answers PDF to learn phylum online course for phylum classes. Triploblastic and Acoelomate Body Plan Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Phylum Nemertea quiz questions for colleges that offer online degrees. "Phylum Nemertea MCQ" PDF Book: phylum gastrotricha, phylum platyhelminthes test prep for online college courses.

"What is true about Nemerteans?" MCQ PDF: phylum nemertea with choices they are monoceious, they are dioceous, they are parthenogenetic, and they are larva for colleges that offer online degrees. Learn phylum nemertea quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for online college courses.

MCQs on Phylum Nemertea Quiz

MCQ: What is true about Nemerteans?

they are monoceious
they are dioceous
they are parthenogenetic
they are larva

MCQ: The member of the phylum Nemertea have a long proboscis and are commonly called as

flat worm
fluke worm

MCQ: The larva of the phylum Nemertea is known as

pilidium larva
Muller's larva

MCQ: The proboscis of the most Nemertea are covered in the sheath named as