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Phylum Gastrotricha MCQ Questions with Answers PDF Download eBook

Solve Phylum Gastrotricha Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), phylum gastrotricha quiz answers PDF, biological science worksheets to practice mock test. Solve triploblastic and acoelomate body plan Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), "Phylum Gastrotricha Quiz" questions and answers for free online classes. Learn phylum nemertea, phylum platyhelminthes test prep for free online college courses.

"The larval stage of the phylum Gastrotricha rest for" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on phylum gastrotricha with choices 1 month, lack larval stage, 2 weeks, and 2 months for free online classes. Solve phylum gastrotricha quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for online degree programs.

MCQs on Phylum Gastrotricha PDF Download eBook

MCQ: The larval stage of the phylum Gastrotricha rest for

  1. 1 month
  2. lack larval stage
  3. 2 weeks
  4. 2 months


MCQ: The known species of the phylum Gastrotricha are

  1. nearly 500
  2. nearly 6000
  3. nearly 200
  4. nearly 1000


MCQ: The length of the member of the phylum Gastrotricha is approximately

  1. 0.01-40mm
  2. 0.01-3 mm
  3. 0.01-4 mm
  4. 0.001-0.01 mm


MCQ: For moving over the substrate the member of the phylum gastotrichea uses

  1. foot
  2. flagella
  3. cilia
  4. paddles


MCQ: During the favorable condition, the thin eggs of the member of phylum gastotrichea hatch into

  1. males
  2. larva
  3. females
  4. tadpole