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Mycobacteria Test Questions PDF - 92

The Book Mycobacteria Test Questions, mycobacteria quiz answers PDF download chapter 10-92 to learn online microbiology degree courses. Solve Normal Flora and Major Pathogens Test PDF, Mycobacteria Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The e-Book Mycobacteria Trivia App Download: gram negative cocci, gram positive cocci, mycobacteria test prep for best online schools.

The Test: M. tuberculosis is transmitted from person to person through PDF, "Mycobacteria" App APK Download with respiratory aerosol, intimate contact, faecal discharge, and touch choices for schools that offer certificate programs. Study normal flora and major pathogens questions and answers, Apple Book to download free sample for free online classes.

Microbiology Tests Online: Mycobacteria Quiz PDF Download - 92

MCQ: M. tuberculosis is transmitted from person to person through

A) Intimate contact
B) Respiratory aerosol
C) Faecal discharge
D) Touch

MCQ: Food poisoning caused by S. aureus is characterized by non-bloody diarrhea and vomiting due to a toxin named as

A) Exotoxins
B) Endotoxins
C) Enterotoxins
D) Foreign bodies

MCQ: For the meningococcal infection, the drug of choice is

A) Pencillin
B) Pencillin G
C) Cephalosporins
D) Beta lactam

MCQ: The human pathogens of the family of togaviruses include alphavirus and

A) Congovirus
B) Rotavirus
C) Rubivirus
D) Adenovirus

MCQ: Mycobacterium tuberculosis is an

A) Aerobe
B) Obligate aerobe
C) Obligate anaerobe
D) Anaerobe

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