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The Immune System Quiz Questions and Answers PDF (Immune System Quiz with Answers PDF e-Book) download Ch. 23-57 to prepare Histology Practice Tests. Solve Immune System and Lymphoid Organs MCQ with answers PDF, Immune System Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The Immune System Quiz App: Download free learning app for stomach, connective tissue cells, liver, cell division, immune system test prep for free online college classes.

The Quiz: Adaptive immune system operates via; "Immune System" App Download (Free) with answers "cellular responses", "cell-mediated immune responses", "humoral immune responses" to learn histology grad schools courses. Learn Immune System and Lymphoid Organs Questions and Answers, Amazon eBook to download free sample for free online college courses.

Immune System Questions and Answers PDF Download: Quiz 57

MCQ 281:

The adaptive immune system operates via

  1. cell-mediated immune responses
  2. cellular responses
  3. humoral immune responses
  4. all of above
MCQ 282:

Mitosis, beginning after the

  1. G1 phase
  2. S phase
  3. G2 phase
  4. death phase
MCQ 283:

The functions of the liver, incorporated with

  1. detoxification
  2. synthesis of the plasma protein
  3. storage of carbohydrates
  4. all of above
MCQ 284:

The motile phagocytic cells, found in the connective tissues throughout the body, called as

  1. macrophage
  2. Histiocytes
  3. migrant cells
  4. all of above
MCQ 285:

The upper short segment of the gland that opens into the gastric pit, is named as

  1. neck
  2. basal cells
  3. isthmus
  4. submucosa

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