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The e-Book Modelling Climate Quiz Questions, modelling climate quiz answers PDF download chapter 10-29 to study online global warming degree courses. Practice Modelling Climate MCQ with answers PDF, Modelling Climate Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The Modelling Climate Quiz App Download: Free learning app for global warming, adaptation and mitigation, modelling climate test prep for colleges and universities exams.

The Quiz 'Lewis Fry Richardson' first book on numerical modelling of weather was published in:: 1928, 1922, 1920 and 1926 with "Modelling Climate" App Download (Free) for online master degree programs. Solve modelling climate questions and answers, Amazon eBook to download free sample for free online college courses.

Modelling Climate Quiz Questions PDF Download: Test 29

MCQ 141: 'Lewis Fry Richardson' first book on numerical modelling of weather was published in:

A) 1922
B) 1928
C) 1920
D) 1926

MCQ 142: Almost, 6% of the radiations from the sun is scattered back to space by:

A) Plants
B) Radiations
C) Atmospheric molecules
D) Animals

MCQ 143: In stratosphere the temperature increases with:

A) Density
B) Width
C) Longitude
D) Height

MCQ 144: The global warming potential of carbon dioxide is:

A) 1.8
B) 2.2
C) 1.9
D) 1.2

MCQ 145: In 1995, energy of solar arrays being generated:

A) 1.9kW
B) 1.8kW
C) 1.3 kW
D) 2kW

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