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Mammalian Digestive System Quiz Questions and Answers PDF - 21

The e-Book Mammalian Digestive System Quiz Questions, mammalian digestive system quiz answers PDF download chapter 16-21 to study online zoology degree courses. Practice Nutrition and Digestion MCQ with answers PDF, Mammalian Digestive System Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The Mammalian Digestive System Quiz App Download: Free learning app for hormones of vertebrates: birds and mammals, evolutionary oneness and diversity of life, meiosis: basis of sexual reproduction, animals strategies for getting and using food, mammalian digestive system test prep for online certificate courses.

The Quiz Proteins are digested by the enzyme called: trypsin, amylase, lipase and pepsin with "Mammalian Digestive System" App Download (Free) for online colleges. Solve nutrition and digestion questions and answers, Amazon eBook to download free sample for online university.

Mammalian Digestive System Quiz Questions PDF Download: Test 21

MCQ 101: Proteins are digested by the enzyme called

A) amylase
B) trypsin
C) lipase
D) pepsin

MCQ 102: The mode of nutrition in higher animals is

A) parasitic
B) saprobic
C) autotrophs
D) holozoic

MCQ 103: A mature sperm is produced during the process called

A) oogenesis
B) gamete formation
C) fusion
D) spermatogenesis

MCQ 104: Out of all the living species, the number of described species is nearly

A) 1.3 millions
B) 1.5 millions
C) 1.4 millions
D) 1.7 millions

MCQ 105: Testosterone is secreted by

A) ovaries
B) testes
C) mammary gland
D) anus

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