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Mammalian Digestive System Worksheet with Answers PDF Download eBook - 21

Learn Mammalian digestive system worksheet with answers PDF, mammalian digestive system MCQ with answers to solve zoology worksheet 21 for online board exam 2021. Practice "Nutrition and Digestion" trivia questions and answers, mammalian digestive system Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for zoology. Free mammalian digestive system MCQs, hormones of vertebrates: birds and mammals, evolutionary oneness and diversity of life, meiosis: basis of sexual reproduction, animals strategies for getting and using food, mammalian digestive system test prep for online certificate courses.

"Proteins are digested by the enzyme called", mammalian digestive system Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices trypsin, amylase, lipase, and pepsin for online colleges. Learn nutrition and digestion questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for online university.

Trivia Quiz on Mammalian Digestive System PDF Download eBook 21

Mammalian Digestive System Quiz

MCQ: Proteins are digested by enzyme called

  1. amylase
  2. trypsin
  3. lipase
  4. pepsin


Animals Strategies for Getting and Using food Quiz

MCQ: Mode of nutrition in higher animals is

  1. parasitic
  2. saprobic
  3. autotrophs
  4. holozoic


Meiosis: Basis of Sexual Reproduction Quiz

MCQ: A mature sperm is produced during process called

  1. oogenesis
  2. gamete formation
  3. fusion
  4. spermatogenesis


Evolutionary oneness and Diversity of Life Quiz

MCQ: Out of all living species, number of described species is nearly

  1. 1.3 millions
  2. 1.5 millions
  3. 1.4 millions
  4. 1.7 millions


Hormones of Vertebrates: Birds and Mammals Quiz

MCQ: Testosterone is secreted by

  1. ovaries
  2. testes
  3. mammary gland
  4. anus