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Acid Deposition MCQ with Answers PDF Download - 68

Solve Acid Deposition multiple choice questions and answers PDF, acid deposition quiz answers PDF to learn environmental science online worksheet 68 for online bachelor degree. Practice Global Air Pollution quiz with answers, acid deposition Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for environmental science. Free acid deposition MCQs, ozone depletion, air pollution, water pollution, energy flow in ecosystem, acid deposition test prep for free online college courses.

"In acid rain, water dissolves toxic elements from the rocks such as:", acid deposition Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices aluminum, cobalt, salts, and co2 for online masters programs.

Acid Deposition PDF Download 68

Acid Deposition Quiz

MCQ: In acid rain, water dissolves toxic elements from rocks such as:

  1. Cobalt
  2. Aluminum
  3. Salts
  4. CO2


Energy Flow in Ecosystem Quiz

MCQ: Most of solar radiation is reflected by

  1. Atmospheric clouds
  2. dust
  3. gases
  4. All of above


Water Pollution Quiz

MCQ: Rise of nutrient in water is known as

  1. Eutrophication
  2. Decomposition
  3. Biodegradation
  4. All of above


Air Pollution Quiz

MCQ: Temperature gradient of 'ambient' air is known as

  1. Lapse rate
  2. ELR
  3. Atmospheric stability
  4. ALR


Ozone Depletion Quiz

MCQ: Nonisothermal vortex shedding based on:

  1. Temperature
  2. Cold Air
  3. Humidity
  4. Cool Breeze