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Reflection of Light Quiz Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook p. 118

Practice Reflection of Light quiz questions and answers, reflection of light MCQs with answers PDF to solve SAT physics worksheet 118 for online graduate programs. College board SAT preparation with "SAT Physics Light" quiz questions with answers, reflection of light Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to solve college board physics quiz questions with answers. Free reflection of light MCQs, career aptitude test on mass and weight, temperature and measuring instruments, pressure in liquids, physical quantities and si units, reflection of light test prep for job placement test.

"It occurs at smooth surfaces", reflection of light Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices irregular reflection, regular reflection, regular refraction, and irregular refraction for SAT prep classes. Learn sat physics light questions and answers with free online certification courses for SAT prep classes.

Quiz on Reflection of Light PDF Download eBook

Reflection of Light Quiz

MCQ: It occurs at smooth surfaces

  1. regular reflection
  2. irregular reflection
  3. regular refraction
  4. irregular refraction


Physical Quantities and SI Units Quiz

MCQ: Physical quantity consists of

  1. numerical magnitude
  2. unit
  3. both numerical quantity and unit
  4. none of the above


Pressure in Liquids Quiz

MCQ: Hydraulic system make use of transmission of pressure to do useful work in

  1. both gases and solids
  2. gases
  3. solids
  4. liquids


Temperature and Measuring Instruments Quiz

MCQ: A good thermometer should

  1. be responsive to temperature changes
  2. be safe to use
  3. sensitive to small temperature changes
  4. all of the above


Mass and Weight Quiz

MCQ: The SI unit of weight is

  1. kilogram
  2. newton
  3. liter
  4. meter per second