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Environmental Degradation Practice Test PDF Download p. 21

Learn "Environmental Degradation Quiz", environmental degradation MCQs with answers 21 to prep O level geography certificate online course. Environmental management quiz questions and answers, environmental degradation Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) for online college degrees. Free "Environmental Degradation" MCQs, structure of earth, weather processes and phenomena, environmental degradation test prep for online college classes.

Learn environmental degradation Multiple Choice Question (MCQs): Process of migration from pilot plant scale to lab scale is known as, with choices caring capacity, scaling up process, emerging market, and post industrialized society for best accredited online colleges. Learn environmental management questions and answers to improve problem solving skills to learn free online courses.

Quiz on Environmental Degradation Worksheet 21

Environmental Degradation Quiz

MCQ: Process of migration from pilot plant scale to lab scale is known as

  1. caring capacity
  2. scaling up process
  3. emerging market
  4. post industrialized society


Weather processes and phenomena Quiz

MCQ: A visible mass of condensed watery vapor floating in the atmosphere known as

  1. clouds
  2. rainfall
  3. high pressure
  4. low pressure


Structure of Earth Quiz

MCQ: Average thickness of the continental crust is about

  1. 25-45 km
  2. 45-65 km
  3. 35-70 km
  4. 65-95km


Agriculture System and food production Quiz

MCQ: Seasonal reversing wind with changes in precipitation is known as

  1. monsoon rains
  2. convectional rainfall
  3. relief rainfall
  4. frontal rainfall


Agriculture System and food production Quiz

MCQ: Savings in costs which is gained by increased level of production

  1. economics of scale
  2. economic rent
  3. land tenure
  4. system