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Fossil Fuels and Energy Quiz MCQ Online p. 192

Practice Fossil Fuels and Energy quiz questions and answers PDF, fossil fuels and energy trivia questions 192 to learn online Environmental Management course for online classes. Lithosphere MCQ questions, Fossil Fuels and Energy Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. "Fossil Fuels and Energy Quiz" PDF eBook: soils formation, composition and uses, alternative energy resources, habitat destruction and effects on species, competition for water supply, fossil fuels and energy test prep for colleges that offer online courses.

"Which method of mining is used, when the seams of coal lie to far below the surface?" MCQ PDF: opencast mining, deep mining, deep and open cast mining, and drilling for two year degree programs. Solve lithosphere questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for colleges offering online degree programs.

Trivia Quiz on Fossil Fuels and Energy MCQs

MCQ: Which method of mining is used, when the seams of coal lie to far below the surface?

Deep mining
Opencast mining
Deep and open cast mining

MCQ: Which countries extremely uses underground water

Saudi Arabia

MCQ: Which land is described as the kidneys of the landscape?

Coastal Areas

MCQ: Heat from the light of the sun using solar panels and photovoltaic cells are known as

Solar energy
Wind energy
Renewable energy

MCQ: The good balance in the pore spaces between sand and clay gives a supply of

A & B