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El Nino and Effects Multiple Choice Questions PDF p. 257

El Nino and Effects multiple choice questions and answers, el nino and effects quiz answers PDF 257 to learn Environmental Management course for college certification. Learn Hydrosphere MCQ trivia questions, el nino and effects Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. El Nino and Effects Interview Questions PDF: means of rainforest destruction, marine pollution causes and impacts, atmosphere: structure composition and energy source, climate and human activity, el nino and effects test prep for online associates degree.

"What was the worst effect of El Nino 1997-8 on China?" MCQ PDF with choices fire haze spread & no monsoon rain, worst drought for 20 years, forest fire burnt out control, and worst drought for half century for online associates degree. Solve hydrosphere questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for best online colleges for teaching degree.

El Nino and Effects Questions and Answers MCQs

MCQ: What was the worst effect of El Nino 1997-8 on China?

Worst drought for 20 Years
Fire haze spread & No monsoon rain
Forest Fire Burnt out Control
Worst drought for half century

MCQ: Cyclones are tropical storms bringing very strong winds and

Heavy rain

MCQ: Where the insolation is greatest?

Both A & B
None of them

MCQ: Which oil cleaning up operation is used for inflatable tubes to prevent slicks from spreading?

Detergent Spray
All of them

MCQ: Dry, sunny weather often results from

Low Pressure
High Temperature
Low Temperature
High Pressure