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Exothermic Reactions Quiz Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook

Practice Exothermic reactions quiz questions and answers PDF, exothermic reactions MCQ with answers to solve O level chemistry worksheet 145 for online past papers exam. Practice "Energy from Chemicals" quiz questions with answers, exothermic reactions Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Free exothermic reactions MCQs, conductors and non conductors, valency and chemical formula, electrolyte and non electrolyte, catalysts and enzymes, exothermic reactions test prep for ACT prep classes.

"Burning of methane (CH4) gives off heat and", exothermic reactions Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices water (gas) only, carbon dioxide (gas) only, hydrogen gas, and carbon dioxide (gas) and water (gas) for ACT subject test tutoring. Learn energy from chemicals questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for best online GRE prep class.

Quiz on Exothermic Reactions PDF Download eBook

Exothermic Reactions Quiz

MCQ: Burning of methane (CH4) gives off heat and

  1. carbon dioxide (gas) only
  2. water (gas) only
  3. hydrogen gas
  4. carbon dioxide (gas) and water (gas)


Catalysts and Enzymes Quiz

MCQ: Uses of enzymes do not include

  1. production of insulin
  2. production of cancer drugs
  3. drug to combat plague
  4. drug to fight dwarfism


Electrolyte and Non Electrolyte Quiz

MCQ: After the electrolysis of brine, the resulting solution largely contains

  1. Cl2 gas
  2. NaCl
  3. NaOH
  4. H2 gas


Valency and Chemical Formula Quiz

MCQ: Formula of Calcium Nitride (Ca3N2) is

  1. Ca3N5
  2. Ca3NO2
  3. Ca3N2
  4. Ca2N5


Conductors and Non Conductors Quiz

MCQ: Which statement is correct about the conductor?

  1. it changes while conducting electricity
  2. it does not change while conducting electricity
  3. it does not allow flow of electricity
  4. it cannot operate at high pressures