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Chapter 17: IGCSE O Level Biology Exam Tests

IGCSE O Level Biology MCQs - Chapter 17

Transport in Mammals Quiz Questions and Answers PDF - 31

The Transport in Mammals Trivia Questios and Answers PDF (Transport in Mammals Quiz Answers PDF Download) e-Book Ch. 17-31 to study IGCSE O Level Biology Course. Solve Heart: O Level Biology MCQs, Transport in Mammals quiz answers PDF to learn online classes courses. The Transport in Mammals Quiz App Download: Free educational app for blood pressure testing, blood platelets, main veins of body career test for online colleges that offer certificate programs.

The Trivia Quiz: Most thick walls are of;; "Transport in Mammals" App APK Download (Free) with answers: Left ventricle; Left atrium; Right atrium; Right ventricle; for colleges that offer online degrees. Practice Learning with Biology Quiz Questions, download Kindle eBook (Free Sample) to learn online classes courses.

Transport in Mammals Questions and Answers PDF Download: MCQ Quiz 31

MCQ 151: Most thick walls are of

  1. left atrium
  2. left ventricle
  3. right atrium
  4. right ventricle

MCQ 152: 120 to 140 mm of mercury is an adult normal

  1. systolic pressure
  2. diastolic pressure
  3. peristalsis pressure
  4. water pressure

MCQ 153: The red color in arteries is attributed to

  1. hemoglobin
  2. oxyhemoglobin
  3. aplastic anemia
  4. carboxyhemoglobin

MCQ 154: Forelimbs receive oxygenated blood through

  1. dorsal aorta
  2. carotid artery
  3. subclavian artery
  4. iliac artery

MCQ 155: Between liver and gut wall, the capillaries join to form

  1. hepatic vein
  2. hepatic portal vein
  3. iliac veins
  4. renal veins

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