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Practice Measures of Dispersion Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Measures of Dispersion quiz answers PDF to learn mba statistics online course for mba statistics classes. Data and Statistics Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Measures of Dispersion quiz questions for free online classes. "Measures of Dispersion MCQ" PDF Book: measures of location, data elements, variables and observations test prep for school for business online.

"Square root of sample variance results into" MCQ PDF: measures of dispersion with choices standard error, population variance, standard deviation, and significance of variance for free online classes. Learn measures of dispersion quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs .

MCQs on Measures of Dispersion Quiz

MCQ: Square root of sample variance results into

Standard error
Population variance
Standard deviation
Significance of variance

MCQ: A measure that defines the distance from the mean value is called

Measures of central location
Measures of dispersion
Measures of diversion
Measures of variability

MCQ: Testing the hypothesis involves computation of

1 test
2 tests
3 tests
4 tests

MCQ: In sample variance, the denominator possessing the (n-1) factor, is an indication of

Biased estimates
Unbiased estimates
Large samples
Faulty samples

MCQ: The difference between the highest and lowest value in a data set is known to be

Standard error