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Remainder Theorem MCQ with Answers PDF

Remainder Theorem Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Remainder Theorem quiz answers PDF with college math live worksheets for online degrees. Solve quadratic equations Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Remainder Theorem quiz questions for GRE test. Remainder Theorem MCQ PDF: remainder theorem, introduction to quadratic equations, nature of roots of quadratic equation, solution of a quadratic equations test prep for two year online colleges.

"If x4 - 3x + 5 is divided by 2x - 1, then the remainder is" MCQ PDF on remainder theorem with choices 3516, −3516, −9, and 3 for GRE test. Solve remainder theorem quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for ACT test prep classes.

MCQs on Remainder Theorem Quiz

MCQ: If x4 - 3x + 5 is divided by 2x - 1, then the remainder is


MCQ: If x² - 7x + a has a remainder 1 when divided by x + 1, then

a = -7
a = 7
a = 0
a = 1

MCQ: If x³ + 9x +5 is divided by x, then the remainder is


MCQ: If x² +ax +b is divided by x + c, then remainder is

c ² - ac - b
c ² - ac + b
c ² + ac + b
−c² - ac + b

MCQ: If x³+ 9 x + 5 is divided by x, then the remainder is


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