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Trigonometric Identities MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) PDF - 82

The Trigonometric Identities Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with Answers PDF, Trigonometric Identities MCQs PDF e-Book download Ch. 13-82 to solve College Math Practice Tests. Study Trigonometric Identities quiz answers PDF, Trigonometric Identities Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college classes. The Trigonometric Identities MCQs App: Free download educational app for trigonometric identities, synthetic division, linear and quadratic function, remainder theorem, trig identities test prep for ACT test prep classes.

The MCQs: 2cos²(α/2) =; "Trigonometric Identities MCQ" App (Android & iOS) with answers: 1- cosα; 1+ cosα; 1 + sinα; 1 - sinα; for online college classes. Practice Trigonometric Identities Questions and Answers, Google eBook to download free sample for two year online colleges.

Trigonometric Identities Questions and Answers PDF Download: Quiz 82

MCQ 406:

2cos²(α/2) =

  1. 1+ cosα
  2. 1- cosα
  3. 1 + sinα
  4. 1 - sinα
MCQ 407:

X³ - 3x² + 2x - 6 has a factor

  1. x-4
  2. x-3
  3. x+3
  4. x+2
MCQ 408:

The graph of the quadratic function represents

  1. triangle
  2. circle
  3. straight line
  4. parabola
MCQ 409:

If a polynomial ƒ(x) is divided by a linear divisor ax + b, the remainder is

  1. ƒ( ba )
  2. ƒ(-a)
  3. ƒ(a)
  4. ƒ( - ba )
MCQ 410:

Tan(1110°) =

  1. ¹⁄√3
  2. −1√3
  3. ²⁄√3
  4. −2√3

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