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Detection of Program Errors MCQ with Answers PDF

Detection of Program Errors Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Detection of Program Errors quiz answers PDF with computer fundamentals live worksheets for online degrees. Solve input errors and program testing Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Detection of Program Errors quiz questions for computer science associate degree. Detection of Program Errors MCQ PDF: error detection and correction, detection of program errors, integrity of input data test prep for computer science programs.

"Error which occurs when program tried to read from file without opening it is classified as" MCQ PDF on detection of program errors with choices execution error messages, built in messages, user-defined messages, and half messages for computer science associate degree. Solve detection of program errors quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for information and communication technology.

MCQs on Detection of Program Errors Quiz

MCQ: Error which occurs when program tried to read from file without opening it is classified as

execution error messages
built in messages
user-defined messages
half messages

MCQ: Error which occurs when user tried to use a device which is not switched ON is classified as

user-defined message
half message
execution error message
built in message

MCQ: Routines used to detect the syntax errors are classified as

syntax routines
identified routine
diagnostic routines
error routines

MCQ: Possible causes of run-time errors or execution errors are

logical error
incorrect data
hardware connected improperly
all of above

MCQ: Process of finding errors and correcting them is best classified as

logical bug
identified bug
reliable bug

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