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Seven Continents Multiple Choice Questions and Answers PDF p. 1

Seven Continents multiple choice questions and answers, Seven Continents quiz answers PDF to solve General Knowledge worksheets 1 for online colleges. Solve asia continent MCQs, Seven Continents trivia questions and answers for admission and merit scholarships test. Seven Continents MCQ PDF: asia continent, south america continent, north america continent, world current affairs career test for online assessment test for jobs.

"The highest mountain of the world 'Mount Everest' is located in" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on seven continents with choices antarctica, asia, australia, and north america for online colleges enrolling. Practice asia continent quiz questions for jobs' assessment test and online courses for free career quiz.

MCQs on Seven Continents Quiz

MCQ: The highest mountain of the world 'Mount Everest' is located in

North America

MCQ: North America and the Caribbean Sea lies to the northwest from

South America

MCQ: North America shares boundary with Pacific Ocean from


MCQ: World's second largest continent is


MCQ: The continent 'Asia' shares its East border with

Arctic Ocean
Pacific Ocean
Ural Mountains

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