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Solar Systems MCQ Quiz PDF Download

The Book Solar Systems Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz), Solar Systems quiz answers PDF to learn online courses, general knowledge tests. Study Space and Solar System Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Solar Systems quiz questions for questions to ask in an interview. The eBook Solar Systems MCQ App Download: equinoxes and solstices, solar and lunar eclipse, asteroid belt, black hole facts test prep for high school entrance exam.

The MCQ: Significant smaller objects other than planets in the solar system are classified as PDF, "Solar Systems" App Download (Free) with comets, asteroids, black hole, and all of above choices for questions to ask in an interview. Practice solar systems quiz questions, download Google eBook (Free Sample) for online colleges enrolling.

General Knowledge: Solar Systems MCQs

MCQ: Significant smaller objects other than planets in the solar system are classified as

A) comets
B) asteroids
C) black hole
D) all of above

MCQ: In Solar System, the huge ball sun is classified as

A) planet
B) star
C) comet
D) asteroid

MCQ: Asteroid belt lies between two planets known as

A) Earth and Mars
B) Mercury and Venus
C) Mars and Jupiter
D) Venus and Earth

MCQ: Objects that revolve directly around the sun in particular orbit are known as

A) planets
B) stars
C) asteroids
D) comets

MCQ: Major components of 'Uranus' and 'Neptune' are

A) water, methane and ammonia
B) hydrogen and methane
C) hydrogen and ammonia
D) methane and ammonia

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