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Black Hole Facts Quiz Answers PDF - 43

The Book Black Hole Facts Quiz Questions, black hole facts MCQ with answers PDF chapter -43 to study online courses, general knowledge tests. Practice Space and Solar System trivia questions, Black Hole Facts Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The eBook Black Hole Facts Quiz App Download: subcellular components, alexander graham bell, atlantic ocean facts, erwin schrodinger, black hole facts test prep for grad school interview questions.

The Quiz: Theory which states that black hole is formed when sufficient compact mass can deform space time is known as PDF, "Black Hole Facts" App Download (Free) with theory of electromagnetic fields, theory of general relativity, theory of gravitational fields, and theory of particle radiation choices for high school entrance exam. Solve space and solar system questions and answers, Amazon eBook to download free sample for university entrance exam.

Chapter Quiz: Black Hole Facts MCQs

MCQ: Theory which states that black hole is formed when sufficient compact mass can deform space time is known as

A) theory of general relativity
B) theory of electromagnetic fields
C) theory of gravitational fields
D) theory of particle radiation

MCQ: Austrian physicist, Erwin Schrodinger, died in

A) 1967
B) 1965
C) 1961
D) 1963

MCQ: Larger basins of 'South Atlantic Ocean' includes

A) Cape Verde basins
B) Angola basins
C) Guiana basins
D) Canaries basins

MCQ: Alexander Graham Bell awarded US patent for his invention of telephone in

A) 1876
B) 1879
C) 1875
D) 1872

MCQ: Number of chromosomes in human cells is

A) 48
B) 46
C) 42
D) 40

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