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The Book Thermosphere Quiz Questions, thermosphere MCQ with answers PDF chapter -28 to study online courses, general knowledge tests. Practice Earths Atmosphere trivia questions, Thermosphere Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The eBook Thermosphere Quiz App Download: circuit breaker, united nations conference on trade and development, avicenna, international hydrographic organization, thermosphere test prep for college admission test.

The Quiz: Thermosphere consists of PDF, "Thermosphere Quiz" App Download (Free) with ionosphere, troposphere, lithosphere, and hydrosphere choices for college entrance examination. Solve earths atmosphere questions and answers, Amazon eBook to download free sample to learn free online courses.

Chapter Quiz: Thermosphere MCQs

MCQ: Thermosphere consists of

A) troposphere
B) ionosphere
C) lithosphere
D) hydrosphere

MCQ: International Hydrographic Organization was established in

A) 21 April, 1929
B) 21 June, 1921
C) 21 July, 1925
D) 21 October, 1926

MCQ: Name of Avicenna's scientific and philosophical encyclopedia is

A) Al Chemist
B) Alchemy
C) The Book of Healing
D) The Canon of Medicine

MCQ: The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development is a recognized member of

A) United Nations Development Group
B) United Nations Security Council
C) UN Economic and Social Council

MCQ: Scientists who have provided basis for inventing Circuit Breaker are

A) Joseph Henry
B) Michael Faraday
C) Charles Grafton Page
D) both a and b

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