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Bones Disorders Quiz Questions and Answers PDF p. 139

Bones Disorders quiz questions and answers, bones disorders MCQs with answers PDF 139 to practice General Knowledge mock tests for online college programs. Practice Human Skeleton trivia questions, bones disorders Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Bones Disorders Interview Questions PDF: pacific ocean facts, nikola tesla, human musculoskeletal system, cell division, bones disorders test prep for college entrance test.

"Disease of bone in which there is reduced bone mineral density is known as" MCQ PDF with choices coffin-lowry syndrome, hypophosphatasia, arthritis, and osteoporosis to enroll in online classes. Practice human skeleton questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for job assessment test.

Quiz on Bones Disorders MCQs

MCQ: Disease of bone in which there is reduced bone mineral density is known as

Coffin-Lowry syndrome

MCQ: In cell division, the mother cell is divided into

Two grand cells
Two daughter cells
Two mother cells
Two parent cells

MCQ: Cartilage, tendons, joints, ligaments and connective tissues together made up of system known as

nervous system
system of glands
locomotors system
system of cells

MCQ: Famous patents of Nikola Tesla includes

matrix mechanics
nuclear fission
quantum mechanics
induction motor and transformer

MCQ: The world's second largest island is

New Guinea
New Caledonia
Solomon Islands