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FAQ: Control Engineering Problems and Solutions p. 24

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Learn FAQ: Control engineering problems and solutions to solve control systems worksheet 24 for online degree programs. Control engineering problems and solutions to solve control systems quiz with answers for pre employment screening tests.

"In pid controller operation, sensed position is the", control systems Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices set variable, process variable, error, and manipulated variable for online engineering colleges. Practice pid controller questions and answers with free online certification courses for online college admission.

Quiz on Control Engineering Problems and Solutions Worksheet 24

Control Engineering Problems and Solutions

MCQ: In PID controller operation, the sensed position is the

  1. process variable
  2. set variable
  3. error
  4. manipulated variable


Interview Question asked in Control System Competitive Exams

MCQ: Part of response curve due to the system and the way system acquires or dissipates energy is called

  1. natural response
  2. transient response
  3. underdamped response
  4. overdamped response


Basic Control System Lab Viva Questions and Answers

MCQ: Amount of time required for the step response to reach and stay within predefined steady state value i.e 2% or 5% is called

  1. rise time
  2. fall time
  3. peak time
  4. settling time


Control System Interview Questions for Freshers

MCQ: Prosperity of system by which an input can be found that take every state variable from a desired initial state to a desired final state in finite time is called

  1. stability
  2. controllability
  3. solidity
  4. permeability


Control Systems Technical Interview Questions

MCQ: Control engineering focuses on the modeling of a diverse range of

  1. static systems
  2. dynamic systems
  3. communication systems
  4. mechanical systems