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Specific FPAAs Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) PDF Download - 76

The Specific FPAAs MCQ with Answers PDF (Specific FPAAs Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) PDF e-Book) download Ch. 7-76 to prepare Electronic Devices Practice Tests. Learn Programmable Analog Arrays Test PDF, Specific FPAAs Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for job placement test. The Specific FPAAs MCQ App Download: Free certification app for capacitor bank fpaa, power supply filters, diode models, n-type and p-type semiconductors, specific fpaas test prep to learn online certification courses.

The MCQ Quiz: Dynamic reconfiguration is also known as; "Specific FPAAs" App (Play Store & App Store) with answers: Static reconfiguration; Passive reconfiguration; Active reconfiguration; Dynamic installation; for job placement test. Practice Programmable Analog Arrays Questions and Answers, Apple Book to download free sample for online engineering associate's degree.

Specific FPAAs MCQ Quiz with Answers PDF Download: Test 76

MCQ 376:

Dynamic reconfiguration is also known as

  1. passive reconfiguration
  2. static reconfiguration
  3. active reconfiguration
  4. dynamic installation
MCQ 377:

By doping, trivalent electrons give up an hole called

  1. donor
  2. acceptor
  3. combiner
  4. generator
MCQ 378:

Barrier potential in ideal diode acts as ideal

  1. amplifier
  2. modulator
  3. switch
  4. storage
MCQ 379:

Capacitor DC value of output voltage can be determined by

  1. (1-1/2fRC)x unfilter rectified voltage
  2. (1-1/2fRC)+unfilter rectified voltage
  3. (1-1/2fRC)-unfilter rectified voltage
  4. (1-1/2fRC)-2unfillter rectified voltage
MCQ 380:

Capacitance of capacitor bank is programmed in series to achieve

  1. zero capacitance Values
  2. lower capacitance Values
  3. higher capacitance Values
  4. infinite capacitance Values

Electronic Devices Exam Prep Tests

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