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Practice Diode Models quiz questions and answers, diode models MCQ questions PDF, test 51 to download Electronic Devices book. Types and Characteristics of Diodes MCQ questions, Diode Models Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. Diode Models Book PDF: power supply filters, optical diodes, transformer in half wave rectifier, voltage multipliers, diode models test prep for engineering graduate schools.

"Forward current for ideal diode model when Vbias is biasing voltage and R is limiting resistor is equals to" Quiz PDF: diode models App APK with vbias/r, vbiasr, vbias+r, and vbias-r choices to enroll in online classes. Solve types and characteristics of diodes questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for tricky trivia questions.

Trivia Questions on Diode Models MCQs

MCQ: Forward current for ideal diode model when Vbias is biasing voltage and R is limiting resistor is equals to


MCQ: Addition of another diode capacitor section to halfwave voltage tripler creates a

voltage doubler
voltage quadrupler
voltage generator
voltage regulator

MCQ: If turn ratio is equals to one then halfwave rectifier peak to peak voltage will be equals to

78 V
77.3 V
37.7 V
57.6 V

MCQ: GaP were used as light emitter to achieve pale

red light
yellow light
green light
blue light

MCQ: Input regulation means that output voltage is constant over range of

load current
dark current
input voltage
output voltage

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