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Switched Capacitor Circuits Quiz Questions and Answers PDF - 41

The e-Book Switched Capacitor Circuits Quiz Questions, switched capacitor circuits quiz answers PDF download chapter 7-41 to study online electronic devices degree courses. Practice Programmable Analog Arrays MCQ with answers PDF, Switched Capacitor Circuits Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The Switched Capacitor Circuits Quiz App Download: Free learning app for lc feedback circuits and oscillators, varactor diodes, transistor characteristics and parameters, common source amplifier, switched capacitor circuits test prep for college entrance exams.

The Quiz Switched capacitor circuit applied in FPAA to emulate: memory, resistor, buses and inductor with "Switched Capacitor Circuits" App Download (Free) to study online training courses. Solve programmable analog arrays questions and answers, Amazon eBook to download free sample for best online colleges with financial aid.

Switched Capacitor Circuits Quiz Questions PDF Download: Test 41

MCQ 201: Switched capacitor circuit applied in FPAA to emulate

A) resistor
B) memory
C) buses
D) inductor

MCQ 202: When gate to source voltage of common source amplifier is at positive peak, drain to source voltage will be

A) at positive peak
B) at negative peak
C) infinite
D) zero

MCQ 203: If collector current is 64.5mA and base current is 430µA then emitter current will be

A) 64.9 µA
B) 64.9mA
C) 64.9 A
D) 649 A

MCQ 204: Key feature of Varactor diode is, it exhibits

A) fixed capacitance
B) Variable capacitance
C) Variable resistance
D) fixed resistance

MCQ 205: Oscillator which uses LC circuit at its feedback is termed as

A) phase shift oscillator
B) Wein bridge oscillator
C) Twin-T oscillator
D) Colpitts oscillator

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