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Solve Description of OWL Language multiple choice questions and answers, description of owl language quiz answers PDF 5 to learn Semantic Web course for college certification. Learn Web Ontology Language OWL MCQ trivia questions, description of owl language Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Description of OWL Language MCQ PDF: structuring of xml language, an axiomatic semantics for rdf and rdf schema, ontology engineering, owl and rdf/rdfs, description of owl language test prep for software engineering online courses.

""has same salary as" is an example of", description of owl language Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices owl:inversefunctionalproperty, owl:functionalproperty, owl:transitiveproperty, and owl:symmetricproperty for BSc computer science. Solve web ontology language owl questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for software engineering online courses.

Description of OWL Language Questions and Answers MCQs


"has same salary as" is an example of



A is an object of a class A, and A is a subclass of B, then by inference rule a is an object of B. This is called

Class membership
Equivalence of Classes


The acronym for NLOs is

Narrative language Ontologies
Natural language Ontologies
National language Ontologies
Non-generic language Ontologies


In RDFS, type is a



In XML document, an attribute type to define series of IDREF is denoted by

(v1| . . . |vn)

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