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Comparison and Searching Worksheet with Answers PDF Download eBook - 57

Learn Comparison and searching worksheet with answers PDF, comparison and searching MCQ with answers to solve PHP test 57 for online CS degrees. Practice PHP String Handling trivia questions and answers, comparison and searching Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online web developer. Free comparison and searching MCQs, introspection functions, understanding php configuration, function problems, file reading and writing functions, comparison and searching test prep for online degrees.

"Which function takes a single string and returns its length as an integer?", comparison and searching Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices strcmp ( ), strpos ( ), strstr ( ), and strlen ( ) for applied computer science. Learn php string handling questions and answers with free online certification courses for online computer engineering programs.

Trivia Quiz on Comparison and Searching PDF Download eBook

Comparison and Searching Quiz

MCQ: Which function takes a single string and returns its length as an integer?

  1. Strpos ( )
  2. Strcmp ( )
  3. strstr ( )
  4. Strlen ( )


File Reading and Writing Functions Quiz

MCQ: Fclose ($fd) is an example of

  1. File write function
  2. File close function
  3. File read function
  4. None of them


Function Problems Quiz

MCQ: Same name with different capitalization in PHP variables results the

  1. Same output
  2. Different output
  3. Error
  4. None of them


Understanding PHP Configuration Quiz

MCQ: Which one from the followings is used for configuring PHP?

  1. Build time flags
  2. php.ini file
  3. Apache configuration files
  4. All of them


Introspection Functions Quiz

MCQ: Which function returns TRUE if the string argument is the name of a class?

  1. get_class ( )
  2. exist_class ( )
  3. class_exists
  4. None of them