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Stacks and Queues Quiz Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook

Practice Stacks and queues quiz questions and answers, stacks and queues MCQs with answers PDF to solve PHP worksheet 61 for online graduate programs. Practice "Advanced Array Functions" quiz questions with answers, stacks and queues Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online web developer. Free stacks and queues MCQs, transformation of arrays, creating images using gd, randomness, php superglobal arrays, stacks and queues test prep for online computer engineering programs.

"The side effect of array_pop ( ) function is", stacks and queues Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices it removes last element of an array, it removes the first element of an array, it modifies an array from middle, and all of them for master's degree in computer science. Learn advanced array functions questions and answers with free online certification courses for computer information science.

Quiz on Stacks and Queues PDF Download eBook

Stacks and Queues Quiz

MCQ: The side effect of array_pop ( ) function is

  1. It removes the first element of an array
  2. It removes last element of an array
  3. It modifies an array from middle
  4. All of them


PHP Superglobal Arrays Quiz

MCQ: Superglobal array was introduced in

  1. PHP3
  2. PHP4
  3. PHP5
  4. PHP6


Randomness Quiz

MCQ: If rand ( ) function is called by no argument it returns a number between 0 and

  4. None of them


Creating Images using GD Quiz

MCQ: ImagePng ( ), ImageJpeg ( ) is an example of

  1. Text functions
  2. Painting and filling function
  3. Exporting function
  4. Image destruction function


Transformation of Arrays Quiz

MCQ: A function that returns the keys of its input array in the form of new array where keys are stored as values, is a

  1. return_function ( )
  2. keys ( ) function
  3. implode ( ) function
  4. array_keys ( ) function


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