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Mathematical Operator Worksheet with Answers PDF Download eBook - 39

Learn Mathematical operator worksheet with answers PDF, mathematical operator MCQ with answers to solve PHP test 39 for online certification exam. Practice PHP Number Handling trivia questions and answers, mathematical operator Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online web developer. Free mathematical operator MCQs, hashing using md5, sending http headers, transformation of arrays, tokenizing and parsing functions, mathematical operator test prep for software engineering online courses.

"The === operator is true if its two arguments are exactly", mathematical operator Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices opposite, equal, has the same type, and both a and c for BSc computer science. Learn php number handling questions and answers with free online certification courses for software engineering online courses.

Trivia Quiz on Mathematical Operator PDF Download eBook

Mathematical Operator Quiz

MCQ: The === operator is true if its two arguments are exactly

  1. Equal
  2. Opposite
  3. Has the same type
  4. Both A and C


Tokenizing and Parsing Functions Quiz

MCQ: For tokenizing a string which PHP function is used?

  1. ok ( )
  2. strtok ( )
  3. str ( )
  4. start ( )


Transformation of Arrays Quiz

MCQ: Array_splice function is same as array_slice but it starts taking arguments from

  1. First argument
  2. Second argument
  3. Third argument
  4. Fourth argument


Sending HTTP Headers Quiz

MCQ: Which PHP function offers to send raw arbitrary HTTP headers?

  1. setcookie ( )
  2. set_header ( )
  3. header ( )
  4. All of them


Hashing using MD5 Quiz

MCQ: A function that takes a filename as argument and returns a MD5 of that file

  1. md_file( )
  2. md5 ( )
  3. md5_file ( )
  4. digest_file ( )