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Understanding PHP Configuration Quiz Questions and Answers p. 79

Practice Understanding php configuration quiz questions and answers PDF, understanding php configuration MCQ with answers worksheet 79 for online past papers exam. Practice "PHP Programming Basics" quiz questions with answers, understanding php configuration Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online . Free understanding php configuration MCQs, php exam questions, advanced string function, bugs in php, perl compatible regular expressions, understanding php configuration test prep for top online computer science programs.

"Which is the most important thing in the configuration of PHP?", understanding php configuration Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices compile time options, the php.ini file, web server configuration, and all of them for top computer science schools in the world. Learn php programming basics questions and answers with free online certification courses for online computer science engineering.

Quiz on Understanding PHP Configuration


Which is the most important thing in the configuration of PHP?

The php.ini file
Compile time options
Web server configuration
All of them


All these functions are preg_quote ( ), preg_grep ( ), preg_split ( ), preg_match_all ( ) example of

POSIX style regex
Competent style regex
Perl compatible style regex
None of them


How many types of bugs plague during the execution of program?



The htmlspecialchars ( ) function takes a string as argument and returns the string in which form, that has a special meaning in HTML

Replaces a string with four characters
Replaces a string in integers
Replaces a string with quotation marks
None of them


Get, Post, Cookies and Sessions all are examples of

Methods to pass information
None of them