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Magnetic Tape Advantages Quiz Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook p. 7

Practice Magnetic Tape Advantages quiz questions and answers PDF, magnetic tape advantages trivia questions to solve computer technology worksheet 7 for online certification exam. Practice Secondary Storage Devices quiz questions with answers, magnetic tape advantages Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online information technology degree. Free magnetic tape advantages MCQs, computer generations, application software packages, transistors, minicomputers, magnetic tape advantages test prep for online computer science engineering.

"Magnetic tapes can be reused and erased for", magnetic tape advantages Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices two times only, one time only, multiple times, and not at all for online computer science schools.

Quiz on Magnetic Tape Advantages PDF Download 7

Magnetic Tape Advantages Quiz

MCQ: Magnetic tapes can be reused and erased for

  1. One time only
  2. Two times only
  3. Multiple times
  4. Not at all


Minicomputers Quiz

MCQ: Minicomputers with respect to their size and power, lies between workstations and

  1. Mainframes
  2. Supercomputers
  3. Desktops
  4. Servers


Transistors Quiz

MCQ: Computer generation for which microprocessors were stated as a switching device are named as

  1. First Generation
  2. Second Generation
  3. Third Generation
  4. Fourth Generation


Application Software Packages Quiz

MCQ: The integration of computers and graphics design packages are dealt with

  1. Computer basic designs
  2. Computer model designs
  3. Computer animated designs
  4. Computer aided designs


Computer Generations Quiz

MCQ: IBM 701 is a system representative of

  1. First Generation computers
  2. Second Generation computers
  3. Third Generation computers
  4. Fourth Generation computers