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HTML5 Quiz Questions and Answers PDF - 5

The HTML5 Quiz Questions and Answers PDF (HTML5 Quiz with Answers PDF e-Book) download Ch. 1-5 to study html online course. Practice Introduction to HTML MCQ Questions PDF, html5 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for web design certifications. The HTML5 Quiz App: Download free learning app for html form element, javascript, html tags, html fonts, html5 test prep for IT certifications.

The Quiz: element in HTML5 is replaced with; "HTML5" App Download (Free) with answers: <form>; <class>; <object>; <frame>; for web design certifications. Solve introduction to html questions and answers, Apple eBook to download free sample for online computer science certification.

HTML5 Questions and Answers PDF Download: Quiz 5

MCQ 21:

The element in HTML5 is replaced with?

  1. MCQ 22:

    For defining default font size, color, and typeface for any part of the document which element attribute you will use

    1. All of above
    MCQ 23:

    Which tag is used to define a block of text that have quotation marks?

    1. None
    MCQ 24:

    How can we insert Javascript in HTML?

    1. Using sockets
    2. Using marquee tag
    3. Using script tag
    4. Using style tag
    MCQ 25:

    Which HTML element is used to define a multi-line input field?