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The e-Book Lists MCQ Questions and Answers, lists MCQ Quiz PDF download chapter 4-4 to learn online data structure degree programs. Solve Lists, Stacks, and Queues Quiz Answers PDF, lists Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The Lists MCQ Quiz App Download: Free educational app for arrays, pointers and structures, introduction, lists test prep for CS certifications.

The MCQ Quiz An ordered sequence of data items are known to be: relations, entities, elements and instances with "Lists" App APK Download (Free) for online software engineering classes. Study lists, stacks, and queues questions and answers, Apple Book to download free sample for IT certifications.

Lists MCQ Quiz PDF Download: Quiz 4

MCQ 16: An ordered sequence of data items are known to be

A) Entities
B) Relations
C) Elements
D) Instances

MCQ 17: A growth rate of n, is referred to as

A) Absolute growth rate
B) Linear growth rate
C) Exponential growth rate
D) Quadratic growth rate

MCQ 18: The primitive method of using an array is said to be

A) Vector
B) Aggregate array
C) User defined array
D) Built-in array

MCQ 19: If a binary relation is antisymmetric and transitive is referred to as

A) Impartial order
B) Partial order
C) Comparable order
D) Non-comparable order

MCQ 20: The ?rst link node of the list is accessed from a pointer named

A) Tail
B) Head
C) Terminator
D) Initiator

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