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Secondary Storage Devices Multiple Choice Questions PDF p. 68

Secondary Storage Devices multiple choice questions and answers, secondary storage devices quiz answers PDF 68 to learn Database Management System course for college certification. Learn Disk Storage, File Structures and Hashing MCQ trivia questions, secondary storage devices Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Secondary Storage Devices MCQ PDF: introduction to dbms, advantages of dbms, secondary storage devices test prep for information and communication technology.

"Considering the disks, the command with which the buffer is copied into the block of disk is classified as" MCQ PDF with choices read command, write command, paste command, and cut command for online degrees. Solve disk storage, file structures and hashing questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for associates in computer science.

Secondary Storage Devices Questions and Answers MCQs

MCQ: Considering the disks, the command with which the buffer is copied into the block of disk is classified as

write command
read command
paste command
cut command

MCQ: The menu-driven interface of DBMS and the forms-style interface of DBMS is classified as

conceptual user interface
controlled user interface
graphical user interface
structural user interface

MCQ: The magnetic tapes are examples of

random access storage devices
sequential access devices
inter-block access devices
archive storage device

MCQ: The access to an online purchasing procedures, the airline ticket reservation systems and the inventory management in local grocery stores are examples of

traditional database applications
record keeping
customer management
customer services

MCQ: In normalization of relations, the property which is critical and must be achieved is classified as

nonadditive join property
additive join property
independency reservation property
dependency preservation property

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